Keyboard Shortcuts for Menu

All items listed in menu can have assigned a customized keyboard shorcut. To assign a shortcut, go to menu: Tools - Customize. Then select Keyboard Tab. You can see the assigned shortcuts also listed on right side of menu items.

However there are also other special keyboard shortcuts that can be used while on Menu window. Such shortcuts can be used directly or they can be used in customizable Jog-Shuttle controllers such as ShuttlePRO2.

Action Shortcut Description
Arrow Tool 1 Select Arrow Tool
Text Tool 2 Select Text Tool
Rectangle Tool 3 Select rectangle Tool
Group Hot Spot 4 Select Group Hot Spot Tool
3D Rotate 5 Select 3D rotate tool
Cardinal Polynome 6 Select Cardinal Polynome Tool
Frame Tool 7 Select Frame Tool
Simulation 8 Select/unselect Simulation mode
Zoom In + on numeric keyboard
or Mouse Wheel up
Zoom In
Zoom Out - on numeric keyboard
or Mouse Wheel Down
Zoom Out.
Add Link SPACE Shows a Link menu below cursor
Remove Link Shift+Del Shows a Remove Link menu item below cursor
Next Object Page Up Select next object (towards layers top)
Previous Object Page Down Select previous object (towards layers bottom)
Show Connections Ctrl+Home Bring connection window on top (customizable)

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