Menu tips & tricks - especially for textual menus Edit

These are some tips useful for working with textual menus. For example, if your DVD has many scenes or chapters, you might want a text list of the chapters rather than motion menus or images. This would reduce the number of menu "pages" the viewer or user has to page through.

Important Limitations Edit

  • You can only have 99 chapters in a single VTS. If you need more, you will have to break up your video stream into separate VTS sets.
  • You can only have 36 menu buttons per page in a 4:3 project. If you need more, add another menu and create some next/previous links. Remember that the 36 button limit will also include your Next and Previous buttons!
  • You can only have 18 menu buttons per page in a 16:9 project.

Aligning several rows of text Edit

  • If you have several rows of text to align, Shift-Click each item, then select Menu > Align > Align Left

Distributing rows or columns of text evenly Edit

Currently, DVD Lab Pro does not have a function for evenly distributing multiple objects evenly in rows or columns. You have to do this manually, by selecting each text object and nudging it up, down, left or right with the arrow keys and judging the result "by eye".
Actually it has a function to align multiple objects Menu/Align/Place to Grid
Hopefully this feature will appear soon.

Changing the order of navigation Edit

If you have Menu > Options > Show Button Order enabled, you might notice that the button order is not sequential (ie top to bottom, then left to right). DVD Lab Pro shows the button order as a small yellow box to the left of the menu object.
To re-order the buttons so that button 1 is at the top left of the menu:

  • Find the bottom-right-most object.
  • Right-click, then select Set as First Button from the context menu
  • Find the next object (above the bottom-right-most if you have columns of text)
  • Repeat the process.

By working from the bottom-right to the top left, you can change the button order of all items on the menu

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