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Often it is useful to share some of the project information with other people. An example could be a "How to" document or tutorial, a bug report or a quick project explanation over internet (for example forums or E-mail)

There are three different Reports that can be generated from a project. First two are pure text reports while the third one uses images.

File Overview

A simple overview of the used audio and video files in project. This Report will report data on used audio/video files in Movies. It will only report a number of menus but nothing more.


VMG Menus: VMG Menu 1

VTS 1 Menus: Menu 1, Menu 2, Menu 3 Movie 1: MPV 720x576,25.00,4:3,00:04:02,PAL,6162 kbps Audio 1: MPA 48.0 kHz,224 Kbps,00:04:02,Stereo,224 kbps

This report can be useful when you having some problem compiling files and need to share the file information with people on web boards or in E-mail.

Links & Commands

This Report creates a description of the project layout and logic. All links and VM Commands will be included.


First Play: Link to Menu "Menu 1" (VTS1) Title Button: Link to Menu "Menu 1" (VTS1)

VMG Menus -none-

VTS 1 Menus Menu: "Menu 1" Timeout: 255 Default Btn: 1 PRE Command: GPRM2 = 0 Button 1: Link to Movie "Movie 1", Chapter 1 End Link: -none-

VTS 1 Movies Movie: "Movie 1" Chapters: 1 End Link: Root Menu

This report can be useful when examining the flow of the project or debugging complex layout. It can be sent by E-mail or post on web boards. By looking at the report someone may build a project that works similarly to the original

HTML with images

A full Report that not only combines the two previous reports but also adds images to illustrate the visual part of the project. This is a great way to make a tutorial or explain how some project looks and works. Everything that is needed to understand such project is included in the Report and by looking at it you can build a project that looks and works just like the original.


Link To VM Command 

First Play Menu "Menu 1" (VTS1) Title Button Menu "Menu 1" (VTS1)

VMG Menus -none-

VTS 1 Menus

Menu Menu 1 

Timeout: 255 Default Btn: 1



Button 1 Link to Movie Movie 1, Chapter 1 

End Link -none-

VTS 1 Movies

Movie 1 720x576,25.00,4:3,00:06:06,PAL,3185 kbps

V1: black_or_white_cut_DCT.mpv

V1: black_or_white_cut_DCT.ac3

Chapters 1 Audio 1 AC3 CH:2,48.0 kHz,256 Kbps,00:00:09,Dolby 2/0,262 kbps PRE POST End Link Root Menu

Such Report can be placed on a web page as a tutorial. It stores the images in "images" subfolder.

Note: This above is obviously very simple project that has only one menu, one button and one movie. It is here for an illustration.

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